Ask Pull Start Rockets what inspires them, and they will each throw words around including life, girls, family, girls, and a passion for music. And did they mention girls? But that makes sense, because throwing words around is how they came to be. A few years ago, after being in different bands, either together or apart, lead vocalist and guitarist Cayman, his brother and bassist Eric, drummer Shawn, and guitarist Skylar got together in a studio and threw around some words, chords and riffs.

The result was infectious, rocking melodies that were impossible to get out of your head. So when it came time to come up with an official name for the band, they stuck to what worked. They each threw some words in a hat, and one by one, pulled out pieces of paper until they formed the name Pull Start Rockets. With help from renowned Grammy award-winning producer/songwriter Tommy Sims, the guys have been hard at work, honing their craft and preparing to launch a new album to the world. Prepare for take off.

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Pull Start Rockets Pull Start Rockets Pull Start Rockets Pull Start Rockets
Pull Start Rockets Pull Start Rockets Pull Start Rockets Pull Start Rockets


Yamaha SA2200
Yamaha AES1500B
Yamaha LJ16


Yamaha PAC604W
Yamaha SBG2000
Yamaha LJX6CA


Yamaha BBNE2
Yamaha BB4SII
Yamaha LJ6


Yamaha APX900
Yamaha Oak Custom Kit

Toms: 12”, 14”, 16”
Bass Drum: 22”
Snare: 14” x 6.5” SS Maple
Paiste Cymbals